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Perfect Haircuts

Hello & Welcome, I am, Dr. Bharti Agarwal, Owner of Bliss Beauty Clinic, And I welcome you to world of Beauty & Wellness Industry. Below is brief on my experiences & endeavors in this field

Cosmetologist, Neurotherapiest  NDDY),, Aromatherapist (B.A.T.S.), B.E.M.S., Doctorate in Alternative Medicine & graduated in the year 2002

After completion of studies, my passion and curiosity involved me in Beauty Industry and I did various certificate courses as below

(1) Certificate Courses in Hair From Habibs during 1999-2001

(2) Certificate Courses in Beauty and Makeup From Alps and Madona from 2001-2004

(3) Completed Various other Courses in Hair, Makeup and Beauty from Ms. Amisha Solanki and Ms. Vidyadhikari.

(4) Melbourne College of Hair and Beauty (Australia)- Certificate Course in Eyelashes Extension and Eyebrows.

(5) Melbourne College of Hair and Beauty (Australia)– Courses in Eyelashes Tintning, Body Tan, Hair Extension and Nail Extension.

I have started own Salon in the Year of 2002 and learning and helping students in this beautiful industry of Beauty Salon and Makeup. 

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Pride in Each Service


Wearing makeup showcase the sense of self-care, which makes you stand out from the crowd

Skin Treatment

Your skin keeps infections out of your body and keeps you from getting sick. When you take care of your skin, you’re helping your skin do its job

HAir Treatment

Such treatments fill in the porous spots in your hair which materialized due to loss of keratin. These overly-porous hair cause frizz, tangles and breakage

Nail Treatment

Without treatment, a nail infection tends to worsen. Treatment can get rid of your pain and tenderness and help clear the infection.

Aesthetic treatment

Instant rejuvenation. A non-invasive treatment that gives instant rejuvenation benefits with no pain or downtime sounds